Atention we are new in the CS16 and we do not guaranted full server, but we send players on your server

We have players around of the world
From 14:00 o'clock till 22:00 the number of players is higher after this time the number of players decreases until next day

Terms and conditions

In order to get our services, you must agree with our terms.

* rename our players (your server will be deleted)
* send players to other servers (redirects)
* send files to players (.dll, .asi, .vbs files)
* change players config files (bind, master server change, etc)
* change players Game Menu (New Game, Find Servers, Options, Quit)

Before add your server, plese check if your server is blacklisted by accesing the Banned servers page. You are buying digital good item and we do not offer any refund.
If you pay, you will recive your virtual item instantly, and we don't accept any refunds later.
By paying for this digital good you agree not to be able to dispute, complain or ask for refund.
We own the rights to cancel the service earlier if it doesn't comply with the boosting rules above!

Ours Players is comme from our download cs16 sites

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